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I have a craft beer podcast!

We’re only two episodes in, but I’m pretty excited about it.

Background: I try to keep my day job duties separate from my beer writing, but those pesky upper-level editors at The Gainesville Sun – where I’m an editor on the news desk – found out about my side gig and asked if I would be willing to talk about craft beer as one of a new group of podcasts being launched through the website.

And those of you who know me are well aware that I need little excuse to ramble on and on about my passion for the craft brewing community.

Thus was born Gator Growlers

The goal is to keep these short – max of 30 minutes – and to concentrate on the community, not necessarily the liquid itself. There are plenty of other podcasts, blogs and vlogs to fill that need – plus, they won’t let me drink in the studio during working hours. Instead, the content aims to enlighten, educate and hopefully amuse the middle ground between the craft beer newbie and the hard-core beer geek.

Though broadcast from the Gainesville Sun newsroom, the podcast will not necessarily be Gainesville-centric. The content will radiate from the North Florida city to cover all of the craft beer community in Florida and elsewhere.

The first Gator Growlers podcast featured guest host Nathan Crabbe, the Sun’s opinion editor and a bit of a craft beer aficionado himself, who interviewed me so new listeners could get an idea of my background and what to expect from the podcast.

The second was just me, explaining a bit about the definitions of craft beer and craft breweries, so listeners – if there will be any – will know what I mean when the term comes up in conversations.

Now that the baselines have been established, future episodes will feature interviews with local and national craft beer personalities and delve into diverse subjects related to the world of craft beer and brewing.

You can find the first podcast here and the second one here, and subscribe to it on or iTunes, though it will become available on other podcast hosting platforms in the near future as well.

The podcasts will be recorded every other week, usually Thursdays, at first though when we get rolling, we might bump that up to weekly.

Any questions, comments or critiques can be sent to or put on the comment thread when the episodes are posted to The Gainesville Sun Facebook page.

I’m very excited about this opportunity.




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