As an enthusiast of Florida history, I am particularly enthused that so many cities in the state have such a rich historical treasury of postcards. Through slightly sanitzed lenses, it’s nice to see how so many places I’m used to used to look 50, 100, so many years ago. 

It’s really the only way to see things like St. Petersburg’s famed green benches in their heyday. That’s interesting, since Green Bench Brewing in St. Pete produces and cans their Postcard Pils (Pilsner 4.7% ABV, 35 IBU).

It’s a slightly hoppy Pilsner that tends to be a bit more on the malty side than the rather aggressive hop bomb I was a little concerned anything coming from Green Bench might be. The sweetness is brought our a bit with maize and then accentuated with hops from Mt. Hood, OR.

It’s a nicely solid beer, and a great pilsner from a city that’s been pretty excellent in brewing some pretty enjoyable blonde ales & pilsner (Seriously. I dare you to find a golden-hued beer in St. Pete that isn’t incredibly good. I would definitely say the beer is good enough to write about. 

Maybe on the back of a postcard. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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