Hurricane Irma wasn’t the same massively destructive force that something like Andrew or Katrina , or even Maria was. It’s still amazing, however, to see how even smaller storms can cause havoc and destruction, and how communities need to come together.

Take Kendall, FL, located just southwest of Miami. One of the many schools there is Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School, a part of the Archdiocese of Miami and home of the Bulldogs. And Sister Margaret Ann. 

Sister Margaret Ann is the principal, and after Hurricane Irma, found a main road in her neighborhood blocked by a fallen tree. 

She could have waited. But she also had a school that had a bunch of chainsaws in a closet. So with her habit still on and chainsaw in hand, she made mincemeat out of that tree. 

Here’s where things get fun; no less than a Miami-Dade police officer drove by as she was carving holy terror out of the offending branches. The officer asked if she needed help, Sister Margaret Ann refused. Students, former and current, came to help as well. But that police officer filmed the good sister and her chainsaw, posting it on the official Miami-Dade PD Twitter account. 


And from there, it exploded. Everyone across the country knew the Nun With a Chainsaw. She even appeared at the first game of the season for the Florida Panthers, getting a cheer that rivaled any of the home team’s goals. 

Due South jumped in on the fun by releasing a limited edition hop bomb called Nun With a Chainsaw (IPA, 7% ABV). And there’s even a chainsaw on the label. 

That being said, you’d need several chainsaws to cut through the dankness of this IPA. Its incredibly thick and chewy, with the insane citric resin flavors coming from giant piles of Amarillo, Azacca, and Idaho 7 hops, both in late additions to the boil and dry hopped. It definitely overpowers the slight, biscuity quality of the malt base.  

It is an intense beer, its golden color hiding a massive flavor profile that will definitely be aggressive on the taste buds. But for those willing and ready to step up, they will be enjoying a fantastic beer named for a fantastic person.

And her chainsaw. 

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