If you’re a fan of classic sci-fi (and I mean actually classic, not like “I prefer the original Star Trek series” classic), you may have heard of the morlocks.

Created by H.G. Wells in his seminal 19th century novel The Time , morlocks were brooding, hulkish, relatively weak, subterranean monsters that lived in a far-flung future Wells puts his time traveller on his fantastic adventure.

All of this is practically perfect for Longwood’s Hourglass Brewing and their well-known penchant for anything sci-fi – especially time travel, hence the name – using these brutes as the inspration for their dark, menacing Morlock Milk Stout (Stout, 5.6% ABV).

I actually found Morlock to be a good deal stronger and thicker than some other people reviewing the beer. To be sure, fans of stouts such as my wife and I will greatly enjoy the smooth texture and incredibly creamy sweet flavor the beer provides. But that is combined with a deep, dark roasted quality bursting with coffee and chocolate flavors.

It’s not to be feared, but to be understood, especially with such a pronounced bite. I can only imagine what this beer would be like after some barrel aging. It might be nice to take the time to do that.

And with a time machine, we have all the time in the world.

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