Technically, the panda is not a bear at all. It’s actually closer in relation to the racoon than it is to any bear. It’s a misconception many make. 

Technically, the Porter is not automatically the heaviest beer on a beer menu. It can actually be closer to a light beer than to an IPA or Russian Imperial Stout. It’s a misconception many still make. 

And kudos go out to Big Bear Brewing’s brewmaster Jeff Evans for the rather delicious experiment that is Giant Panda Porter (Porter, 4.25% ABV, 12 IBU). 

That ABV is not a typo. Giant Panda was brewed to be the lightest beer on tap, lighter than their best-selling Polar Light. 

The best part of it is this is a full-flavored Porter, exploding with roast and cocoa notes that practically dance on the tongue. Jeff stuck to a very traditional English style of Porter, heavy on the English malts and yeast with just a light touch of noble hops. 

With all of that, the beer is still incredibly sessionable at all, nowhere near as heavy as this style has the unfortunate reputation of being. Just because it’s dark doesn’t mean it’s heavy. Dark beers can be light beers, and Jeff Evans showed that principal beautifully. 

And then followed up with a new iteration of the gigantic, heady, lupus in bomb that is Hibernating IPA. Seriously, his addition of a new lupulin powder ramps the insanely juicy fruit-forward hop characteristics well above normal. Funny, it feels like Hibernating is the beer that Giant Panda has the reputation of being. 


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