They made a dunkelweizen. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. 

No one makes dunkelweizens on a regular basis in this state. And it’s my favorite style of beer, which makes me sad. But lo and behold, Lauderale in Ft. Lauderale had  Dunkelfunken (Dunkelweizen, 6% ABV) right there on tap.

I like the style since it’s the best of both porters and hefeweizens. It has nice, dark roasted bready flavors, but with a light body and bright flavors of clove and banana. They brewed it remarkably true to style and very, very deliciously. 

My wife started with  Thrillist Coffee Porter (Porter, 6.2% ABV, 23 IBU), their Port Everglades Porter reated with coffee from local roaster Argyle. It’s an easy drinking, simple and smooth porter with a light body and a very noticeable but navigatable coffee flavor.

I kept things light and simple at the end with Bush Brown (Brown Ale, 5.4% ABV), a simple, malt forward brown with a smooth, nutty character.

It’s beers like these that have kept Lauderale growing in both size and reputation since opening a few years ago. With that comes expansion, which leads to a much larger and more varied lineup of beers that are quite enjoyable.

And I could care less as long as they keep brewing that dunkelweizen.

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